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Saver Rewards Program

It's a simple goal, but one that we work at every day. Everyone, including customers, contractors, visitors and teammates, leaves our facilities in the same, or better, physical condition than when they arrived.

Because the scrap business is one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S., we ask all of our customers to practice the utmost in caution when visiting any of our three locations. There are many signs posted at our sites to support customer safety. and our teammates are very cognizant of customers and are trained to provide instruction and assistance.

Recyclable drop offs and drive-thrus

At our recyclable drive-thrus in Marion and Bellefontaine, you can stay in your vehicle and Sims associates will retrieve your materials for you, weigh them, and give you a ticket for payment.

At all locations you will be assisted by a Sims associate who will help you unload your materials, answer any questions, and direct you how to obtain your cash payment.

You enter all of our facilities at your own risk, so please drive slowly, keep a watchful eye for other people and vehicles, and follow any requests made by a helpful Sims associate.

Scrap Yards

If you plan to enter any of our scrap yards to drop off your recyclable metals, we urge you to be very vigilant and cautious. You enter these areas at your own risk. Please drive slowly and watch out for other vehicles and people. Truck, crane, railcar and other equipment traffic can be fairly heavy. Sims associates are readily available to help you with any questions you might have, and to direct you where to drop off your materials.

For your protection, it is recommended that you wear safety eyewear and steel toed foot protection when you unload your scrap.


We are prohibited from accepting radioactive scrap, and we employ radiation detectors at our facility. Be aware that you will likely activate the detector if you have recently undergone a nuclear medicine procedure such as the administration of radiopharmaceuticals into your body. If that is the case, please bring your medical paperwork with you.

We take pride in our safety record.

Luck is not the reason we have an enviable and excellent safety record for our industry. It's the culmination of something we work at every day.


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