SIMS Brothers Recycling
Treating Customers Like Family for 75 Years
Saver Rewards Program

You might say our company philosophy exemplifies the Sims family values, Do What You Say You Will Do (DWYSYWD). We believe we put our integrity and reputation on the line in the marketplace every day in everything we do. So if we say we’re going to provide a service, to our customers or our community, we feel it’s important to do it right.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team – more like family – of over 160 associates that are focused on making our customers happy by treating them with friendly, old-fashioned, neighborly respect. Whether it’s helping a homeowner unload their aluminum cans, making a tricky container pickup, or taking the time to accurately sort grades for the mills, treating other people like you’d like to be treated is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.

It’s like the lesson the Sims brothers, Don and Carl, taught us 75 years ago.  When you put your heart into a family business, it’s in the right place.

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