SIMS Brothers Recycling
Treating Customers Like Family for 75 Years
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Our people, equipment and technology are at your disposal.

Our most important tools are our people.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated team, more like family, of over 160 associates that are focused on making our customers happy by treating them with friendly, old-fashioned, neighborly respect.  So you can trust we’ll do the right thing and be confident we will exceed your expectations.

At Sims Brothers, a full range of equipment and the technology is available for our customers. To transport recyclable materials, we maintain and service our own private fleet of over1,000 pieces of equipment including trucks, trailers, custom-designed 15 thru 70-yard containers, lugger boxes and in-plant hoppers at our five-bay maintenance garage and separate weld shop. We ship via truck, rail and overseas container practically every day.

To process recyclable materials we utilize eight scrap yard cranes, a high efficiency shredder/shear, horizontal and vertical balers, densifiers and portable shears, as well as compacting and sorting equipment. We partner with many of our customers and a good deal of our equipment is located onsite at their manufacturing facilities. 

Our technology resources are above par in the industry. Metal identification X-Ray analyzers, radioactivity detectors, sophisticated digital scales, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly machinery and high tech cameras are a few examples of how we combine high tech with high touch.



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