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Recycling drives win big for community groups – and the environment.

Your favorite charity, a local elementary school, a youth baseball team, a church group - through the years, Sims Brothers has helped many non-profit organizations raise money by recycling drives, the most popular being aluminum can, metal scrap and newspaper recycling. Our goal is to make community fundraising easier and more fun.

It’s pretty simple, really - contact Deb Ralph at Sims Brothers (740-387-9041) to set up the program for your organization. Then promote your recycling drive to everyone in your organization, and all of their friends. When anyone drops off the selected recyclables, just have them tell the helpful Sims Brothers associate the name of the organization they are supporting with their recyclables. We’ll keep track of the volume for the duration of your program.

Dropping off recyclables at Sims Brothers is easy and convenient. See how easy it is to drop off recyclables at any Sims location by clicking here.

At the end of your recycling drive, Sims Brothers will prepare a check for the total market value of the recyclables collected by your organization.

Sims Brothers Recycling Drive Coordinator

Deb Ralph

Note: Sims Brothers reserves the right to deny a recycling drive without having to provide a rationale.


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