Scrap metal theft

Helping to deter scrap metal theft in Ohio

A growing nuisance and danger across the nation.

Scrap metal theft has been an increasing hardship for government and state authorities, local businesses and recycling companies. Nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum do not contain significant quantities of steel or iron, which makes them more valuable metals and therefore more commonly stolen.

In response, the scrap recycling industry has joined forces with government and local authorities and developed several initiatives to combat metal thefts. Specifically Ohio Senate Bill 193 was enacted in 2012 creating a state wide registry of scrap metal yards, an electronic transaction reporting system with the Department of Homeland Security, a state wide Do Not Buy List and Special Purchase Article Guidelines.

The law requires metal recyclers to collect information such as government issued ID cards, photos of each seller, and license plate numbers. We exercise caution by obtaining receipts and/or written documentation of the origin of the material and proof of ownership for Special Purchase Articles.

Our trade association, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), has also helped develop an online theft reporting system available to law enforcement and recyclers ( It allows law enforcement to send out prompt alerts to recyclers from where the theft occurred. The alerts contain vital information such as location, descriptions of the material stolen, and information on individuals and/or vehicles that may have been involved in the theft.

Sims Brothers Recycling fully supports the laws and the efforts to curb metal theft.