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Brokerage Services designed around you.

Brokerage and trading activities at Sims Brothers cover a broad range of products, including ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, plastic, paper, cardboard and glass.

To match the needs of scrap or recyclable customers with scrap or recyclable suppliers, you have to be flexible and adaptable. That’s right in our wheelhouse.

We deliver the essentials, like strong working relationships with the major dealers, foundries, toll convertors, extruders, smelters and consuming mills so we can offer a broad footprint and access to a wide national market.

We excel at meeting the raw material requirements of these customers through our growing network of suppliers, which includes every business you can think of, from local scrap yards to multi-national corporations...

...but when you need a little extra, like logistics experts to negotiate freight and scheduling, or the capabilities to hold material in consignment stock or inventory and ship upon request by rail, truck or overseas containers or the wherewithal to monitor market activity and offer the most current prices,
call us!

Sims Brothers works extremely hard to provide consistent markets, transportation services and expertise, prompt payment, thorough financial reporting and quality customer service. In short, we provide soup-to-nuts brokerage service solutions for our customers and our suppliers.

Flexibility is better than predictability.  However ordinary or extraordinary they may be, call us today with your brokerage services needs.



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